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About the Program

About The Certified Data Analyst Program

This course is designed for beginners or non-programmers who are interested in building their career in Data Analytics.

The field of data analysis, as the name implies, analyses data to discover trends. It has tremendous uses in the fields like Banks & Finance Industry, Telecommunication, Airlines, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Aerospace & Defense, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hi-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Hotels & Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Media, Real Estate, Engineering, Sports, E-commerce, Energy and Utility, Automotive, Non- Profit, Chemicals, Advertising and Public Relations etc.. who rely on quality data analysis to arrive at strategic business decisions.

Course Objective

This course will encompass all to help you emerge as an Industry ready professional in the field of analytics.

  1. This course will encompass all to help you emerge as an Industry ready professional in the field of analytics.
  2. This course is to help you to become a successful Data Analyst. It will teach you how to make powerful reports, creating dashboards, working with MS SQL Database, along with a strong focus on case studies to ensure hands-on learning.
  3. In this program, you will also learn the powerful data visualization tools, Tableau and Power BI, the most popular data visualization and rapid BI tools to bring more interactive features to your analysis.

Who should do this course?

  1. Students from various quantitative backgrounds, like Engineering, Finance, Maths, Statistics, Economics, Business Management
  2. Professionals working with data in any industry
  3. Analytics consultants
  4. IT/Software Professionals
  5. Anyone who aspires to spearhead their career in Data Analytics.

Who are the trainers?

Our trainers are highly qualified industry experts and certified instructors with global analytical experience in delivering training.


Computer literacy and knowledge of working with basic Microsoft Excel is necessary.

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What do past students say about the Certified Data Analyst course?

Learn from practitioners, not from trainers.

“I have taken the Certified Data Analyst class to discover what being a data analyst is all about as well as to pick up new knowledge. I’m happy to say that this class has managed to fulfill both conditions competently. The trainer is a professional in the field and is capable of handling all questions directed. I may even sign up for addition courses by Databyte Academy in the future!”

Lee Fook Koon Working Professional

“In the span of 5 days, I have achieved a comfortable working knowledge the basic tools of a data analyst. Under the tutelage of Mr. Manuj, I have been able to adeptly learn these tools and apply those using real data. Coming from a non-IT background, I was hesitant to invest in taking the course for fear I would not be able to catch up – However, the thorough explanation and teaching of Mr.Manuj, the course really helped me gain confidence in my abilities as an aspiring data analyst. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a career in the world of data.”

Kaveetha Nair Student, Nottingham University Malaysia

I had enrolled myself for a 5-days Data analyst course. Everything was great: the trainer was very experienced, helpful, co-operative, and very professional. Classrooms, facilities, and study materials were very nice and well-presented. 

Databyte Academy is a wonderful place to learn and would definitely recommend it to anybody who wish to gain a practical knowledge on Data Science and Big Data analytics.

Special thanks our trainer and course coordinator.

Yahia Bashaar, Student, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

” As a legal analyst, I used to decide on facts but after learning Data Analytics with Tableau, I have learned predictive and risk analytics. I have not only improved on my decision making skills which are now not only based on insights and intuition but figures, numbers and models from a given data. Numerically insightful, I must say !”.

Parimala Analyst, Legal Firm

The teachers were professional and very good. For the people who use excel for their daily job, the knowledge is almost essential. Just “setoff” is intermediate, and worth to learn for many people. As for tableau, I found that the application is very convenient, but my company didn’t apply and authorize it, so I couldn’t use the knowledge for the time being.

Kohei Yama Engineer

“Databyte Academy is a great place to learn Data Analytics related skills. The content covered during the course is really useful and related to the day to day scenarios that one might come across in the industry. A well-equipped teaching facility and experienced teaching professionals with a strong grip on Data Analytics. The trainer Mr. Manuj was highly experienced and a subject matter expert. He covered topics in detail and made sure all our doubts are cleared. I would recommend Databyte Academy to anyone who wants to pursue their career in Anaytics.”

K Velu Ryan Yadav , Agency Supervisor-Public Mutual Berhad.


The certification is provided by Databyte Academy

Upon successful completion of the mandatory project work, program, students will be conferred with “CERTIFIED DATA ANALYST” certificate.

In order to be “Certified” as part of the course, students need to complete the assignments and project work. There is no Pass/Fail for these assignments & projects. Our objective is to ensure the students get vital hands-on experience.

Once all your assignments are submitted and evaluated by the trainer, the certificate shall be awarded.

New Intake :

Duration – 50 Hours
Learning Mode – Virtual Instructor-Led Training

FULL TIME – 13 September 2021

Sessions : Mon, Wed, Fri (3 days/week)
Timings : 2.30pm – 5.30pm

WEEKEND – 11 September 2021

Sessions : Saturday & Sunday
Timings : 10.00am – 1.00pm


Course Outcome

You will have clear understanding of Data Analytics and how to manage & visualize the data. All the modules structured using real time, industry relevant data sets to enhance your analytics capabilities and problem solving abilities.

Course Content

The field of data analysis, as the name implies, analyses data to discover trends. It has tremendous uses not only in the economics and financial sector but fields like law, healthcare, public administration, politics, telecom, social media, manufacturing, banking & financial institutions etc. who rely on quality data analysis to arrive at strategic business decisions. Working professionals can definitely improve their resume and their job prospects by achieving a certificate in data analytics.

Visual analytics Using Microsoft Excel

  1. Introduction to MS Excel
  2. Working with Formulas and basic Functions
  3. Working with Date, Time and Text Function
  4. Working with Logical and Statistical Functions
  5. Named Ranges in Pivot Tables
  6. Charting (Pivot Charts & Normal Charts & Dashboard)

Microsoft SQL Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to SQL Server.
  2. Understanding basic RDBMS concepts.
  3. Data manipulation – Reading & Manipulating a Single Table.
  4. Data based objects creation (DDL Commands).
  5. Optimizing your work

Data Visualization Using TABLEAU

  1. Introduction to Tableau.
  2. Data Manipulation.
  3. Basic Data Analysis.
  4. Parameters.
  5. Working with Data.
  6. Maps.
  7. Dashboard Creation & LOD Expression.

Data Visualization Using POWER BI

  1. Introduction to Power BI.
  2. Data Source and Connections.
  3. Data Analysis Expression (DAX).
  4. Implementing measures and KPIs.
  5. Time Intelligence Calculations.
  6. Statistics & Analysis.
  7. Simple & Composite Charts / Graphs.
  8. Modelling in Power BI.
  9. Charts and Graphs.
  10. Project & Assignments.

Once armed with the analytics, you will also learn the powerful Data visualization tool Tableau to bring more interactive and slice and dice features to your analysis. Click Here To Download

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